Specialist Cloud Hosting

For Your Windows & Linux Applications

Cost-effective, high-performance hosting
customised for your application.

There are plenty of hosting companies out there, but how many will work with you to cost effectively deliver your application with the performance, availability, and scalability you need? Live Apps works with ISVs and application resellers to provide a hosting environment for their particular requirements. Partner with Live Apps to offer hosting specifically designed for your application and customers. From start-ups to publicly listed companies, we can tailor a solution for all your clients.

High Performance Servers

Our platform is built around quality server equipment, data centre class NVMe SSDs, 40 Gigabit networking and a Telco grade cloud orchestration platform. We can scale to match the needs of your customers.

Fully Customizable

We'll work with you to define standard configurations that match your customers. We can even build a server template with your application pre-installed to reduce provisioning effort.

Cost Effective SQL

Does your application require SQL Server? Live Apps offers both dedicated SQL servers and our Cloud SQL "SQL as a Service" product, offering full SQL Server functionality at a fraction of the price.

Per User Pricing

Hosting your application for a small number of users can be cost prohibitive using traditional hosting pricing. Live Apps offers per-user pricing for Windows servers, including SQL if required. A perfect solution for smaller installations.

Scalable Solutions

By using our Cloud Server and Cloud SQL products we can build a cost effective solution for your clients with 1 to 100's of users. "Horizontal Scalability" lets you grow your customer's platform as they do.

Flexible Billing

We can aggregate all your clients onto a single reseller account if you'd like to bundle the hosting with your product. Or we can bill the client directly if you'd prefer us to handle the collection.

Experienced? Absolutely.

We've been doing this since 2008!


Live Apps

Live Apps was founded in 2008 and our team has decades of experience in the delivery of services over the Internet. Before starting Live Apps we've built and run regional and national Internet Service Providers, and helped run Australia's largest Hosting Provider. We started offering cloud hosting before "cloud" became a marketing buzz-word. Rely on our experience for high performance, highly available application hosting.

Please get in touch using the feedback form or contact details below. We'd love to discuss your needs and show you how different hosting can be when a solution is tailored specifically for your application.

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